I Do Not Need Feminism

This topic has been on my heart for quite a while. Lately I have been hearing more and more about it. Sometimes I feel that people get involved on "either side" because of how sensationalized it has become. I want to make it clear that this topic is not a trend. Unfortunately what I have been hearing is misinformation, fortunately it was the final little shove I needed to post this and address some misunderstandings. 

The Webster definition of the word "feminism" is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

That is the definition at its raw and true form. Not a specific color, income, age, country of origin, starting to get it? I know that we all have heard different versions and that may be why you have a specific problem with feminists. Think of it this way, Christianity is a religion but has denominations within it like Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, etc. They recognize the same Savior but have different teachings. There are also different types of feminist groups. It can get complicated. 

You may have heard what one group of feminists believes but it does not mean that they all think that. An argument I hear often in the church is, "Well they say I can't be a stay at home mom." Feminists, like I mentioned before, are fighting for gender equality. If a self-identifying feminist tells you you cannot do something, homegirl is pushing her own personal agenda on you. There are men and women who may think a woman should not be a stay at home mom, a CEO, president, whatever it may be, that is their own personal opinion. I strongly believe that the movement should focus strictly on gender equality. People's personal agendas are causing for confusion and a less progressive fight. 

So is Katherine a feminist? 

Well, I agree with the simple raw definition of the term...so yes. BUT I am also a student, photographer, instrumentalist, Hispanic, truck owner, the list goes on. There is only one word that truly defines my identity: Christian. 

Here is why I do not need feminism. Non-Christian feminists, social activists, they are doing work! I do not discredit them and in fact am very thankful for them. There is a bigger fight, war actually, that I am a part of. As a Christian there are things that I am called to do and that will be another post for another time. However, I can say that the war Christians are engaged in, cover and are for any current social injustice we are facing.

How is that? Since we are on the topic of feminism, I will go off of that. In the Bible, gender equality is already addressed. We already believe in that. Men and women have different roles but are equally important. If you want to get technical, really we are nothing without God. Christians are called to love on and serve their brothers and sisters. Nobody is more important that the other. I am the first to admit that it may not always look that way. And I would like to ask for forgiveness and apologize for the times I have not been a true reflection of what God intended our interactions and behavior to be like. God's design is truly beautiful, we just screw it up. 

This is why I do not need feminism.

I need Christianity. I need God.