My Response to Michael Brown Case

Things have settled some on social media as have my own personal thoughts. Last night there was an uproar in regards to the the grand jury's decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson on the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown that caused his death.

I had the intention of sharing my thoughts. However, some of my initial thoughts were fueled by my own experiences with racism. My fellow minority brothers and sisters can understand what it feels like to be looked at differently and prejudged solely based on the color of our skin. But we all know what it is like to judge somebody else based on their outer appearance. We ALL have done it. 

So what good is my opinion?

I think it is worthy. However, it is not ultimate. 

Last night I was flooded with text messages asking what I thought about the matter and what I was going to do. Honestly I knew what Katherine Lopez wanted to say/do. I had to step back and think about what Christ called me to say/do.

Racism is not going to away anytime soon. If you are tired of hearing about it, imagine how frustrating it is living it. Those of you who think that just by ridding our vocabulary of terms like "white people" or "black people" will solve the problem, are not comprehending the extent of this issue. I wish it was that easy. We live in very sinful times, with very sinful people. That is why it is imperative that as Christians we stay solid, pray for all mankind, and pour into non-believers like our lives depend on it. Because with the way things are going and our sinful nature, our lives kind of do.

No matter what your stance or views are on this issue, we are called to love all. "All" include Michael Brown and his family, Darren Wilson and his family, Ferguson, the protesters both peaceful and not. It is a tough pill to swallow, I know, believe me I understand. Our intentions should not come from wanting to support a "side," a group, a government. No our allegiance and loyalty is to the ultimate authority, God. On judgement day, I know God is not going to give me a pat on the back for picking a side. He is going to ask me what I did in His name as a human representation of His love. 

Out of everything I have read on Ferguson in the past weeks, this has been my favorite quote and it comes from one of my favorite authors T.B. LaBerge,

"Only Jesus knows the pain of a man unjustly accused, and only Jesus will be able to bring peace in this time. This is the importance and power of Christ, He comes with the understanding that His love must reign above our anger and pain, and that His grace must live in us."

This is not a social trend to hop on, I cannot express that enough, please remember that. In preparation for this post, I came across writer Madisen Kuhn's thoughts on this and she also had some insight I am going to send us off with,

"if you are motivated by hate— for a race, gender, political affiliation, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation— but claim you are doing it for justice + the good of mankind, you will find yourself conflicted. toxic thinking will not result in anything good."

Take it one day at a time, fellow citizens fueled by love.